Learning Communities

California State University, Northridge currently has several Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and Themed Living Communities (TLCs) from which to choose.

In the LLCs, residents are drawn from a specific recognized major, academic program or college on campus. In the TLCs, residents are not necessarily drawn from a specific recognized major, but rather are students who unite around a special theme.

Each community offers its own scheduled events, academic support and social activities. In this highly collaborative structure, residents drive their communities, set priorities, plan activities and identify opportunities to improve academic and personal growth. Research shows that students who participate in the LLCs and TLCs adjust better to college life and are more likely to succeed academically. 

For more information, visit the LLC or TLC page. You can apply for one when filling out your Student Housing application.

CSUN Student Housing is committed to providing a safe and welcoming living environment for all students, including students who identify as transgender, gender queer or gender non-conforming. Gender inclusive housing is available to students and can be accessed through the housing application.

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