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In order to support the educational goals of our residents, we provide a variety of equipment and services. Student Housing Technology Services ensures residents have reliable network access and knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive technical support. We provide in-room, wired and wireless Internet connections for every student living on campus.  We also work to inform students about the importance of keeping their personal data and devices secure and using legal services to get their music, movies, and other media.

Federal Law

The federal laws governing copyright protection include, but are not limited to, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the Teach Act of 2002 and all subsequent amendments. Updated information about such laws can be found at

University Policies

  • Copyrighted Materials Policy:
  • Use of Computing Resources Policy:
  • CSUN Student Code of Conduct: 
    Section (15) Misuse of computer facilities or resources, including:
    G. Use of computing facilities and resources in violation of copyright laws.
  • Housing Rules and Regulations
    Section: III The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has subpoenaed information about individuals believed to have engaged in unauthorized peer-to-peer file-sharing of copyrighted music and other works. Unauthorized downloading and uploading of copyrighted music, movies, and software constitute illegal copyright infringement. Students should be aware that the unauthorized sharing of peer-to-peer file copyrighted works, including music, pictures, movies, and software is a violation of campus computer use policy. It is also illegal and may carry significant monetary and/or criminal sanctions. It is the responsibility of students who are downloading or uploading documents to make certain that they are not copyrighted works, or that the student has the permission of the copyright holder. Please refer to the Residential Computing Resources policy for further explanation. 

Your computer's access to the University's internet resources will be reinstated with your agreement to take the following steps to avoid future violations:

  1. Allow a cleaning of your machine by University personnel to remove programs and files that facilitate illegal file-sharing.
  2. Be careful choosing to install or use any file-sharing software such as LimeWire or Bit Torrent which allow illegal file sharing. Once your machine has been cleaned, it will be your responsibility if these programs are used illegally.
  3. Obtain your copyrighted material online legally by using software like iTunes, Napster or Pandora which let you purchase copyrighted content and download it to your computer.

The legal consequences of future violations of these laws include:

  • Prosecution by Authorities in Federal Criminal Court
  • Sued by private companies and organizations in the Civil Court

Reach Media Networks:

One of the biggest assets that sets REACH apart from the competition is our scheduling software and integration capabilities. Whether you are looking to pull in existing data from your current scheduling software such as Google Calendar, Outlook, EMS, or looking to start from scratch on our CMS scheduling tool? Room schedule displays have become a popular method for facilities to control organization for internal appointments, meetings, classes, events, and more.

Expanding beyond traditional digital signage, we have put together the top 5 benefits of using our digital meeting room scheduler:

  1. Increased Efficiency: When effective schedule integrations/software is implemented, it makes an entire facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Our schedule display software allows your audience to quickly find available rooms, utilize automatic workflow, and find more information on events/classes going on during a specific day, week, etc.
  2. Increased Productivity: Reduce “no shows,” double-booking, and overall wasted time. Avoid duplicate work by integrating with your current scheduling software. Allow your audience to access all meeting, class, and event information in one place and see immediate changes in real time.
  3. Customization: Our room schedule displays allow you to customize your brand and content displayed. Not only will you be able to display your schedules, but you can also display your screen announcements within your room schedule displays. Why not use it as a marketing tool as well?
  4. Accessibility: Allow your users to view different schedules, meeting information, and time instantly on each room schedule display tablet.
  5. Support: Easily reserve room space, equipment, etc. through the software. Relieve the stress of a resource not being available at the time of the meeting or event.

Enlighted Intelligent Lighting Control System

Advanced sensing technology matches light levels to the activity and comfort needs of occupants.


Enlighted lighting control

Enlighted Intelligent Lighting Control provides lighting that saves energy and is responsive to occupant preferences. Most commercial buildings waste a large percentage of the energy used to light them. This happens when lights are full-on when no one is present or when daylighting is sufficient. It’s also wasteful to over light space when dimmer conditions are more practical and comfortable. No one likes to strain to read from a backlit screen in a room that is too bright or to sit long hours under the light that feels intense. Enlighted corrects all these issues for all types of current lighting technologies—LED, fluorescent, or any 0-10 dimmable light fixtures.



Each Enlighted Smart Sensor is a full-fledged computing and communications device with motion, daylight, and temperature sensing capabilities. They enable one of the most reliable, easy-to-deploy, and secure lighting systems today because they control locally at the fixture. Enlighted control is not a remote control. Light levels are managed by the sensors over a wired connection between the attached control unit and the ballast or LED driver of the host fixture. Installation is relatively fast, simple and non-disruptive — ideal for retrofit as well as new construction. When equipped with an Enlighted Smart Sensor, each fixture works autonomously to provide the workspace beneath it with personalized service. Light-level schedules, preferences and behavior settings can be defined for each individual fixture and saved in the Smart Sensor’s local memory as a software profile.


The Enlighted Energy Manager appliance provides a web-based user interface to the sensor network, enabling easy configuration and management of lighting behavior, as well as easy monitoring and reporting of energy, environmental and occupancy data and verification of savings. All this information can be accessed locally or remotely via any Internet- enabled PC, tablet or other mobile device. Each appliance can manage up to 1500 Enlighted Smart Sensors.


The Enlighted Gateway relays energy, environmental and occupancy data from Enlighted Smart Sensors to the Energy Manager. It also relays configuration changes from the Energy Manager to Enlighted Smart Sensors. Adhering to the industry-standard 802.15.4 wireless protocol and programmed to select low-traffic channels, the Enlighted wireless network reliably coexists with Wi-Fi networks. Because Enlighted Smart Sensors are network-independent for all control communications, the system generates minimal wireless chat, reducing channel competition and collisions. Any traffic on the Enlighted network is AES-128 encrypted to prevent intrusion and tampering.


Approved planned technology projects and changes

Software Development

Student Housing Technology Services develops and maintains the Student Housing website and the Student Housing Portal.  If you have issues with online applications, forms, or requests, please contact (818) 677-6114 or You can also create a maintenance ticket regarding these issues.

Student Housing Technology Services Projects

Building 18, also known as the Community Center, provides recreational amenities for students. There are 2 television inside and a large patio television outside for entertainment. We provide PlayStation, Xbox, and a Nintendo Switch for gaming and a Blu-ray disc player to watch movies.

Building 21, also known as the Learning Center, has classrooms and conference rooms equipped with computers, televisions, and projector screens and is ideal for group study, discussions, and tutoring sections.

CSUN IT has some additional tools for students to Keep Learning and staff to Keep Working.  They are also sharing options for Internet Connectivity for Users Who Do Not Have It.

The following are the list of some campus IT resources. You will see more information in

 Campus Technical Support

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

If you have trouble accessing the network or cable TV please create a maintenance ticket in the student housing portal. For network configuration or diagnostics of your computer, please come to the Student Housing Technology Services office with your device. We do not remove spyware and viruses from student computers. We do not charge any cost for computer diagnostics.

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