Division of Student Affairs

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs website. Whatever your interest, we hope you connect to the resources and assistance you may need. If you are a student, we want you to know from the first day you meet with our campus recruiters, to the moment you turn your tassel at commencement, our staff members continue to provide programs, learning opportunities and services that help you get the most out of your college experience. The Division of Student Affairs is made up of dedicated staff and student workers who are committed to providing quality support that enables student success. You will find a number of departments within our division, each with a unique way of supporting students.

On today’s college campuses, students face a host of new and complex challenges in attaining their college degree goals and achieving personal satisfaction. At CSUN, we recognize how deeply important it is to work with students in a holistic way. The Division of Student Affairs constantly works to strengthen collaborations with academic departments and faculty in order to align and reinforce the curricular and co-curricular experiences of our students. We encourage faculty and staff to use the resources available on this website, and we invite feedback about areas where more assistance is desired. Similarly, we are pleased to use this website as a place where parents and family members can learn more about the CSUN student experience and become informed partners in helping their student become successful.

Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Division of Student Affairs Stats

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Staff Population

300 staff employees

Student Assistant Population

600 student employees

Student Assistant Jobs

Over 600+

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