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How to print with Print Anywhere

  • Log in with your CSUN username and password
  • Choose printer location
  • Select the document and options
  • Format page settings
  • Log out or send another document

Additional Information

  • The webpage has to be publicly accessible
  • If the document does not work, try to copy and paste it into a new Word document
  • Students are allowed 140 pages per week on the Student Housing and USU print release stations. The stations previously had per-day limits which were removed in favor of the weekly limit to allow users to print all their pages in one go. The quota resets every Sunday at midnight. Also, the Student Housing and USU stations have separate weekly quotas, so students can print 140 pages on the Student Housing print stations and an additional 140 pages at the USU print stations.

In most cases web pages protected by a log-in (requiring cookies or session IDs) cannot be printed. To print one of these pages:

Save the page as an html file on your PC (from your browser, select File>Save). Then use the Browse button to upload the saved page as a file.

To print an email message or email attachment save it as a file on your computer. Then select the file using the Browse button.


To save an email message, click File in the menu bar, then click Save As. On the Save As screen, select Rich Text Format (*.rtf) for Save as type:.
To save an attachment, right-click on the attachment, then select Save As. Or you can open the attachment and save it from the application. 

Outlook Express:

To save an email message, click File in the menu bar, then click Save As. On the Save As screen, select HTML Files (*.htm, *html) for Save as type:.
To save an attachment, right-click on the attachment, then select Save As. Or you can open the attachment and save it from the application.


To save an email message, open the Printer Friendly Version of the message. Click File in the menu bar, then click Save As.
To save an attachment, click Download File.


To save an email message, click the Save Message Text link provided at the bottom of the message.
To save an attachment, click Download File.

Mobile app instructions

Download the PrinterOn app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Adding an account (iOS)

  • Select “Settings” and then “User Account”
  • Tap the plus sign “+” to add a new account.
  • Use your CSUN portal ID and password in the “Account” and “Password” fields
  • Change “PrinterOn Service” to “On” or “Yes.”
  • Confirm settings and press the checkmark to save.

Adding an account (Android)

  • Select “Settings” and then “Services”
  • Tap the plus sign “+” to add a new service.
  • In the “URL” field enter “”
  • Confirm settings and press the checkmark to save.
  • Go Back to Settings and select “User Accounts”
  • Tap the plus sign “+” to add a new account.
  • Use your CSUN portal ID and password in the “Account” and “Password” fields
  • In the “Default Account” section select “Yes” next to the service you created earlier.
  • Confirm settings and press the checkmark to save.

Adding a printer

  • Select a printer by clicking on the “Select Printer” button.
  • Use the search tab and search “STH” select the “Student Housing PrintAnywhere” printer


  • Send files to the PrinterOn application.
  • Select the saved printer and press “Print.”

Additional Information

From the PrinterOn application, patrons can see the USU Computer Lab email address, phone number, and operating hours under printer details.

Mobile Website Instructions

  • Go to the housing Print Anywhere website
  • Choose printer location
  • Select the document and options
  • Format page settings
  • Log out or send another document

Additional Information

Apple iOS users can print only from public webpages when using the mobile website.

Major formats supported

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Adobe PDF
  • HTML
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • Fx

Other formats

  • CAD
    • AutoCAD (DWG, DWF, DXF)
    • CADRA
    • CoCreate ME10
    • GTX RasterCAD
    • Microstation
    • Softelec
    • RasterDWG
  • Color Raster
    • DCX Multipage
    • OS/2 BMP
    • PCX
    • PNG
    • Sun Raster
    • Targa Truevision
    • XWD
    • Graphics
    • CGM
    • Micrographx
    • DRW
    • Auto-trol TI
    • Enhanced Metafile
    • Windows Metafile
    • Macintosh PICT
  • Black and White Raster
    • AIIM Type II
    • Brooktrout FAX
    • CAD Overlay
    • Calcomp CCRF
    • CALS
    • DCX Multipage
    • DDIFF
    • EDMICS
    • FileNET Banded
    • FileNET Tiled
    • Formtek
    • GEM IMG
    • Group IV
    • GTX Group IV
    • Hitachi Raster
    • HRF
    • Image Machines
    • TG4/IG4
    • Intergraph
    • IBM IOCA
    • LaserData
    • MicroDynamics
    • MARS
    • OS/2 BMP
    • PCX
    • Photomatrix
    • Group 3 & 4
    • RLC & RLC 2
    • Skantek Group 4
    • Sun Raster Bilevel
    • Versatec VDS
    • Vidar
    • Windows BMP
    • WINFAX Pro
    • Watermark
    • Xionics
    • Xerox Docuplex
    • XWD RAW
    • Zsoft ZGF
  • Print/Plot
    • PostScript
    • HPGL
    • HPGL/2
    • Calcomp 906/907
  • Text
    • ASCII
    • Microsoft RTF
    • WordPerfect

Note: The PrintAnywhere system examines the content of a file to determine its type, and does not require that you have the correct 3 character file name extension, such as ".doc".

Unable to use a printer

Some printers may be restricted by means of an access control list to specific users. For instance, a printer in a residence may only be available to students housed at that facility. The owner/administrator of a printer will be able to add you to the access control list in this situation.

Web pages do not print

Documents on the web or web pages that you try and print must be visible to the printing service. If you needed to log in to a site, then the print service will not be able to print that document. Download the document to print first, or save the web page as HTML, then try printing the saved document.

Unrecognized file format

The PrintWise service will only attempt to print documents that it supports. You may be able to save your document as a supported file type before printing.

No output printed

When you submit a print job, a status window is displayed. Closing this window before the request is completed may cause the print job to be cancelled. This happens when you need to accept the cost or confirm that the number of pages are correct, but fail to respond to this query.

Multiple file documents

Some documents are constructed of several files, with the application assembling the complete document from many pieces (some examples include CAD xrefs, saved web pages, linked sheets in Excel, and linked graphics in Word).

Since the PrintWise system deals with a single file, the missing files will either not appear or generate an error, depending on the file type. Try saving your document in a consolidated "single file" format, rather than as a collection of files, and resubmit.

Text characters missing or wrong

The servers handling your print requests have a wide range of commonly used TrueType fonts installed. If your documents rely on custom or unusual font faces, international font sets, or fonts in other formats (such as PostScript or AutoCAD fonts), then the campus printing service will attempt to make reasonable substitutions, but cannot guarantee results.

Session time out

In order the protect your network identity, the PrintWise Service will time out and disconnect your session if there is no print activity for several minutes. If you are asked to approve a print job, you must respond within the time out period. Active status windows that are updating the progress of a print job keep your session active.

Session cookies

The service requires the use of session cookies in your browser to be enabled. These cookies are not stored on your computer, but discarded after each print session.

Pop up blockers

PrintWise opens a small job progress window after a print request is submitted. If you have a browser pop-up blocker enabled, these status windows may not display, and your request may not be completed. Temporarily disabling the pop up blocker should solve this problem.

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