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Conference Services Office
17950 Lassen St.
Building 6, Pacific Willow Hall
Northridge, CA 91325

Phone: (818) 677-4986

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Summer months:
(late May to early August)
Monday – Sunday
8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Academic year:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Conference FAQs

Where is the Conference Services office?

The Conference Services Office is located in Pacific Willow Hall, building 6.  Academic year office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and summer office hours are seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

How can I contact the Summer Conference Services staff?

Our staff is available to help you during the day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at (818) 677-4986. If there are any emergencies after office hours, please contact our duty phone at (818) 439-9973.

Who is in charge of my conference stay?

You will have a Conference Assistant assigned to your group who will personally oversee your event and manage any needs that arise. They will check with your conference planner daily to ensure your event is running smoothly.

When do I get a card key?

You will be given your room card key upon check in. Keys not returned at checkout will be deemed lost. The replacement cost for any lost room key card or meal card will be at the current rate as established by the Conference Services Office. For individual participants paying for a lost room or meal card, we only accept cash. For Conference groups paying for their participants lost room or meal card the costs can be added to the final payment summary.

Where does my card key work?

The key issued to all conference guests at check-in works on the front doors to the building in which you are staying (locked 24 hours a day), the door to your suite & bathroom or apartment, and the pools.

How do I get mail and/or packages delivered to me?

To receive mail or packages, you will need to use the following address:

[Conference Group Name]
[Participant's first and last name]
17950 Lassen St. Northridge, CA 91325-8286

The Conference Office will coordinate your mail pickup. Mail will be returned to sender if the conference group name is not included on the envelope or package.

Are there disability accommodations?

Please make your Conference Assistant aware of any special needs your group may have. We will work to ensure that all accessibility issues are addressed. Please allow us adequate time to make the proper arrangements.

Are the residence halls air-conditioned?

Yes, all buildings on the campus are air-conditioned.

What amenities and furniture are in the residential suites?

The living room has a couch, two chairs, a coffee table and an end table with a lamp. The kitchen has a refrigerator, stove and oven. There are two bedrooms with four twin beds, dressers and desks. There is a bathroom with two sinks and a shower and tub combo. Each apartment has Internet. Buildings 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20 and 21 do not include kitchens and appliances.

What is included in a linen packet?

Linen packets include two flat sheets, a blanket, a pillow, a pillowcase, two towels and a washcloth. Linen packets are folded and placed at the foot of the bed. Arrangements for linen must be made prior to arrival. Toilet paper, plastic cups and soap are provided to every conference group.

Is Internet service available?

There are Ethernet connections in each apartment and wireless Internet is provided at no cost inside and outside all buildings in the University Park complex.

Does my apartment/suite have a telephone?

The apartment/suites do not include landline telephones. There is a payphone outside of Building 6 Pacific Willow Hall.

Is clean water available?

Yes, there are filtered water stations are available in Building 18, 21, and in the G’mos dining hall.

Are recreational facilities available?

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) is a fitness center that includes a rock climbing wall, an indoor track, a pool and various sports courts within its facilities. They charge a daily fee for the use of their facilities. For more information about the SRC, call  (818) 677-5434.

CSUN Housing has two swimming pools, a community center and sports courts. Groups will rent out the spaces for organized activities for their group. When the spaces are not reserved by a group and in use they may be enjoyed by individuals. The shallow pool is located between Saguara Hall Building 12 and Heather Hall Building 13. The deep pool is located next to building 3. If you plan on using the pool, you may want to bring an extra towel. The Game room is located in building 18. The Game Room has pool tables, ping pong, and televisions where participants can watch movies or play video games. A sand volleyball court and a basketball court are located next to Lupin Hall Building 11.

Are laundry rooms available?

Washers and dryers are available on the first floor of each apartment building and each floor of the suite’s buildings. The cost is $1.50 to wash and $1.00 to dry. The machines take most major debit/credit cards. Prepaid debit cards can be purchased at a local grocery store.

What amenities can be checked out from the Conference Services office?

Vacuums can be checked out from the Conference Services office at no charge with a picture ID. There is a limited inventory of these amenities and they are checked out on a first-come, first serve basis.

Are there meeting rooms within the housing complex?

There is a Multipurpose Room that accommodates 170 people located in the student housing complex. There are also multiple classrooms and common rooms available for use in the residence halls that seat up to 30 students with equipment to accommodate PowerPoint presentations.

Are study rooms available?

There are study rooms in most of the buildings. If you would like to know in advance if there is a study room in your building, please ask your conference assistant.

Are additional facilities available on campus?

On the main campus, there is a wide range of auditoriums and classrooms. Visit University Licensing for information on the campus facilities and their price list, or to make a reservation.

You will contact the Conference Coordinator to make campus classroom reservations. For all other space rentals on campus, contact University Licensing directly.

If my conference group purchases dining for me, what will I need?

If your conference has purchased dining, you will be given dining cards at the time of check-in that you will show to the cashier when you dine. The Conference Services office will let you know how your group's dining will be handled at the time of check-in.

Can I buy meals if my conference didn't purchase them through Conference Services?

Meals can be purchased at all campus eateries with cash, debit or credit card.

Is transportation available from the airport to the university?

There are many options for getting from an airport to CSUN, that include Uber, Lyft and the Van Nuys Flyaway bus. You’ll have to research options that best fit your individual preferences. 

This information is provided solely as a courtesy and does not connote an endorsement of any kind by the university.

How do I access public transportation?

Please contact the Conference Services office at (818)677-4986 for assistance with public transportation information.

Where can I purchase a parking permit and where do I park?

Parking permits can be purchased from the automated dispenser in the G9 parking structure located in the housing. If you purchase your permit from the G9 dispenser, you can buy it for up to three days at a time with cash or a credit card. Parking permits expire at midnight on the final valid day. Guests can park in any authorized campus parking lot with a parking permit.

Who do I call in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, call the Department of Police Services at (818) 677-2111 or 911 directly. There is a fire station located on the corner of Reseda Boulevard and Lassen Street.

Where is the nearest hospital to CSUN?

The nearest hospital to CSUN is Northridge Hospital Medical Center located on 18300 Roscoe Blvd. Northridge, CA 91328. The hospital’s phone number is (818) 885-8500. More information about hospitals and pharmacies in the Northridge area can be obtained in the Conference Services office.

What do I do if I am locked out of my apartment/suite?

If you are locked out of your apartment/suite during the hours of 8 am to 8 pm, you can walk to the Conference Services office or call (818) 677-4986. If you are locked out between the hours of 8 pm to 8 am, you will need to call the duty phone at (818) 439-9973 and a staff member will unlock your door after asking you for proper ID. Please be prepared to show a picture ID. There is a charge for lockouts. Depending on the group, the charge for a lockout may fall on the individual or be applied to the group.

What if my room needs maintenance?

You can stop by or call the Conference Services office directly at (818) 677-4986 and a conference employee will complete a maintenance request for you.

Is a cleaning service available?

Cleaning services must be pre-arranged at the time a conference group signs their license agreement.  If linen is provided and an exchange of linen is requested, go to the Conference Services office to pick up your new linen packet and drop off dirty linens on the day of the exchange.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

CSUN is a smoke-free campus. Due to California State University, Northridge policy, smoking is prohibited in all of our buildings, residential rooms and hallways, restrooms, lounges, stairs, balconies, volleyball courts, basketball courts, pool areas, and all other outdoor public areas.  This includes the use of smoking devices such as hookah pipes, e-cigarettes, and vapor cigarettes.

What is the alcohol policy?

Conference guests who are under the age of 21 are not permitted to use, possess or be in the presence of alcohol. A guest of the legal drinking age may possess and consume alcohol in his or her unit with the apartment door closed as long as he or she is not in the presence of anyone under 21 years of age. Open containers of alcohol are not permitted in any public areas. This would include lounges, lobbies, balconies, etc. Closed containers of alcohol are allowed in public areas only if they are being transported to the unit of a legal-age guest.

What time are quiet hours and courtesy hours?

Quiet and courtesy hours are every day from 10 pm - 8 am. During quiet hours, all guests under 18 must be inside their buildings and keep noise at a very minimal level inside and outside residential and community buildings.

What are the regulations for conference guest conduct at housing?

Visit the Regulations Conference Guest for information on policies regarding smoking, use of alcohol, and other questions you may have about residing in the CSUN Residence Halls.

How do I obtain conference welcome signs?

If desired, the conference assistant assigned to your group will make welcome signs and participant door tags prior to your arrival.

Can I hang my own signs?

All signs and use of tape must be approved prior to display on campus. Painter's tape is the only authorized adhesive allowed on walls in campus facilities. Please work with your conference assistant for help.

When does conference season begin and end?

Conference housing will be available from June 1 through mid-August.

What is the summer like in Northridge?

The average summer temperatures are 89 F in June, 95 F in July, and 96 F in August. Water should be provided to conference participants during their stay as dehydration can occur rapidly in the heat.

Please contact the Conference Services office at (818) 677-4986 if you have additional questions that are not covered.

Conference Services


Conference Services Office
17950 Lassen St.
Building 6, Pacific Willow Hall
Northridge, CA 91325

Phone: (818) 677-4986

Send email

Summer months:
(late May to early August)
Monday – Sunday
8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Academic year:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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