Programs and Services

Check out our Instagram for more information about all our listed programs and services. If you are interested in our having our program educate your group or department, feel free to contact us at (818)-677-4262.

Join us for fun activities, informative topics, and prizes during at America Recycles Day! Check out our free clothing swap, take a plant and a plant pot to paint, and have some great fun!

Air pollution affects us all, doing our part to help lower emissions is what it’s all about. Clean Air Day is a day of reflection upon our current habits and make commitments to make impactful changes that help improve our air quality. Take the pledge today!

EarthFair EDIT 2 EarthFair 1

Earth Fair is an annual fair that informs both CSUN students and the community on how to live with less waste, find alternative ways to be more sustainable, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

SustainableFashionExpo EDIT 2 SustainableFashionExpo EDIT 1

The Sustainable Fashion Expo at CSUN focuses on inspiring, empowering and supporting a change in our relationship with fashion! The aim is to expose students to small and local fashion businesses and organizations in LA and the San Fernando Valley area and showcase sustainable business practices. This event will also shine a spotlight on CSUN students who are carving a niche for themselves in the sustainable fashion space, along with showcasing students projects that promote reuse, upcycling and zero waster lifestyle.

Meatless Mondays Recipe

Download the collection of all our Meatless Monday Recipe Reels! Find ideas for healthy vegan/vegetarian smoothies, breakfast, lunch, or dessert.

Matador Exchange

Matador Exchange is an online marketplace exclusively for CSUN students to buy, sell, or trade items with other CSUN students. The Matador Exchange is a market for items from furniture, electronics, and sports equipment to textbooks and school supplies. Based on sites like “Freecycle” and “Craigslist,” the Matador Exchange seeks to encourage students to reduce the waste of unneeded items that may be of use to other students.

EarthDay EDIT 1 EarthFair EDIT 3

Trash Talkers

Trash talkers is an interactive waste educational program that empowers the CSUN community on how to properly dispose of waste on campus. CSUN utilizes a three-bin system: landfill (black), recycling (blue), and compost (green). This can make it confusing for a student to know what items go in what bins, and it increases our contamination rate.

Bring a glass bottle or jar to refill with free hand soap, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, or more items to promote a more sustainable culture in your home.

Additionally, do you have any damaged clothing waiting to be fixed? No worries because Refill & Repair is your opportunity to bring in any clothing items that need to be repaired and get looking good as new. AS Sustainability brings in professions to repair and maintenance services on clothing items and bags for free.

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