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Emergency Financial Support

Between books, food, tuition, transportation, clothes, technology, and everything else, going to school can be expensive. There are also times when unexpected costs or circumstances create a need for additional financial support. CSUN provides the following emergency financial resources that you may be eligible to access during challenging times

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MataCare Grant

The MataCare Grant exists to help students recover from a one-time emergency expense.

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Emergency Housing Grants

These funds provide one-time support resources for emergency rental assistance or related housing expense to students at risk of homelessness otherwise.

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Veteran Relief Fund

Student veterans are eligible and encouraged to apply for financial aid.

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Angel Fund for DACA Renewals

The Angel Fund – Immigration Legal Assistance is funded through the DACA Assistance Grant donation by the Change Reaction nonprofit organization to the DREAM Center of the University Student Union. These funds are not loans that students are expected to repay.

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Affordable Learning $olutions (AL$)

AL$, or Affordable Learning $olutions, is a transformative textbook affordability initiative guided by transparency, accessibility, and sustainability that plays...


Your Basic Needs Network

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