The executive committees that are overseen by the executive branch of Student Government are commonly referred to as super committees and exist to execute the operations of the Student Government.

Standing committees are work groups made up of Associated Students (A.S.) senators who research student issues, deliberate, and develop reports, resolutions, policies or statements in response to those issues.

The information below provides a description of executive and standing committees, committee chairs and meeting times.


If you have any questions on how to join one of these committees, your eligibility, or would like to learn more, please contact Paige Hajiloo, the Chair of Personnel at

Chair: Matthew Kadash 

The External Affairs Committee discusses issues concerning students that relate to entities outside the university. Some examples include the California State Student Association (CSSA), the Northridge East Neighborhood Council, the City of Los Angeles and the California State Legislature.

Chair: Nick Tivy

The Internal Affairs Committee discusses issues concerning the programs and services provided by Associated Students. They perform regular program evaluations and suggest recommendations for improvement. They also review proposed program ideas.

Chair: Nathan Dunne

The University Affairs Committee discusses campus issues specifically relating to the policies and practices of the university administration, both the CSUN administration and the California State University Office of the Chancellor.

Chair: Ruby Uribe

The Communications Committee will be assigned to communicate with each college within CSUN, work closely with our college senators on their town halls and listen to student feedback, and create new ways and forums to communicate with the student body.

Chair: Ally Walker

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee works as a team to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the CSUN community. They address student concerns submitted through the online submission forum and are working towards a greater sense of inclusivity for all.

Chair: Nikki Usares

The Elections Committee is the body charged with facilitating the Associated Students elections. Committee members put great emphasis on remaining impartial and running inclusive and fair elections. President, vice president and senate elections occur annually in the spring.

Chair: Yvette Tran

The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Associated Students senate concerning funding requests from student organizations and A.S. departments. The committee also prepares the Associated Students annual budget.

Chair: Sharon Shashoua 

The Judicial Court acts as the Associated Students’ judiciary. They review constitutions for student organizations that are looking to become chartered and interpret A.S. Constitution and other policies when necessary.

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