Graduate Program

Master of Science Degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management

The graduate program is intended for persons interested in developing and/or improving their knowledge of recreational sport management, hospitality, travel and tourism. Students progress through the program as a cohort and are actively engaged in courses and internships on evenings and weekends. The graduate program offers two specializations:

  • Tourism Management
  • Recreational Sport Management/Recreation Management

The graduate program is intended to prepare students for professional careers as directors, managers, supervisors, or coordinators in travel/tourism and hospitality, event planning, recreational sport management, recreation facility management, nonprofit and entrepreneurial organizations, campus recreation, outdoor education and adventure recreation, public recreation, and human service agencies. This graduate program is not intended to prepare students for careers in professional or collegiate sport programs.

Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Students will demonstrate critical thinking, including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation within the recreation, hospitality, and/or tourism industry (ies) through a variety of pedagogies.
  2. Students will apply knowledge of the economic, environmental, cultural and social impacts of hospitality, tourism, and/or recreation experiences to real-world settings or problems.
  3. Students will obtain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparation for a career in the tourism, hospitality, and/or recreation industry (ies) as demonstrated by satisfactory completion of research projects, course work, and internships.
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