Continuing Students

For continuing students, please create or update your semester plan (for your next semester at least, and remainder of academic time at CSUN if possible since it is REALLY useful) using the degree plan function in the DPR/Planner through CSUN Portal.

Learn More about DPR Planner here


The planner allows students to create a plan based on what is remaining for her/his/their graduation requirements and the current semester's course offerings (review those offerings using Class Search).

Here are some additional helpful webpages/tools: 

Note that this plan is not in your registration portal but in your DPR Planner.  

Once your plan is complete, identify a faculty member with a common area of interest here: RTM Undergraduate Advisement and Planning or a faculty member you’ve already worked with and/or trusted. Then either meet during their office hours or email them to schedule a mutually agreeable appointment. If you are not getting a timely response (i.e., within two business days and considering holidays), email to determine other options, as some faculty may be on personal, professional, or other leave (e.g., sabbatical, conferences, vacation, etc.).

It may be possible to get your hold removed if you have a good plan in place and do not need/want more advanced advising (e.g., career/professional advising) that would require an in-person or Zoom meeting. If so, when you reach out to a faculty member as described above, include in your request for an appointment your student ID# and that your plan has been completed. The faculty member may be able to review your plan remotely, and if all is well, they may be able to release your hold and send you a confirmation email without ever having to meet in person or zoom. However, if you do need/want more advanced advising please include some days and blocks of time (e.g., Mondays and Tuesdays from 2 to 4pm PDT) that work for you to find a mutually agreeable time to connect. 

Please enroll in our RTM Advisement “course” on Canvas, which has a lot of helpful information so that you can do some self-advising and get additional perspective on courses to take, Internship requirements, and other FAQs. For the instructions and code to enroll in RTM Advisement, please contact the RTM department.

The RTM Department maintains an email listserv that we use to send out important notifications about the program, mandatory meetings, and deadline reminders. We also use it to notify students of job and internship opportunities, grants and scholarships, conferences, and more. You are not automatically opted-in to this listserv, so please email to request access at any time.

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