About Faculty Senate

Powers of the Senate

The Senate shall act in lieu of the entire Faculty on all matters not reserved for direct action by the Faculty in the Bylaws (PDF), subject to review by the Faculty in meetings called in accordance with Article II, Section 8.

Actions in opposition to Senate decisions require ratification in accordance with Article II, Section 8.2. Actions of the Senate not referred to and overturned by the Faculty in this manner shall be deemed to have been approved by the Faculty.

Description of Membership

The composition of the Faculty Senate includes the faculty officers, statewide academic senators, chairs of standing committees, the president of Associate Students, the president of the Association of Retired Faculty, senators-at-large, and a number of Senators elected by the Colleges, Library, Student Affairs, and Athletics.

Routine Meeting Time

The Senate meets monthly on a Thursday from 2:00 – 4:30 p.m.  The Calendar lists all of the meeting times. All Senate meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice. 

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