Popular Culture Studies


Study popular culture with a critical eye to understand our society. From music to movies, you'll research and write effectively about the impact of the culture that surrounds us.

Why Minor in Popular Culture Studies?

Have you ever wondered why superheroes are so popular or how a meme goes viral? Popular culture may seem like just games and entertainment, but its trends reveal plenty about our community's values. You can see what stories we celebrate and what issues are at the forefront of our minds. By studying media, books and television shows, you can take the pulse of a nation.

Through the Popular Culture Studies minor, you'll learn methods for critically understanding pop culture. You'll explore a variety of mediums, including fashion, photography, graphic novels and more. Your studies will provide context for jobs in media, teaching or business. You'll also become a more conscientious consumer of popular culture.

Why Study in Popular Culture Studies at CSUN?

Interdisciplinary Program

The minor in popular culture studies is an interdisciplinary program. That means you'll take classes from a variety of departments to get a well-rounded view of the subject. Your core courses are found in the Department of English, where you will learn how to research and critique culture. You can also take classes from other departments including Asian American studies, Africana studies, art and music.

Internship Opportunities

Through our internship program, you'll gain professional experience while receiving college credit. This program is open to students of all majors. Your duties will include technical and professional writing, which you will compile into a portfolio. Previous internship fields include:

  • Publishing
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Grant writing
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Entertainment

What You'll Learn

With this minor, you'll learn to become a discerning consumer of pop culture. You'll learn to analyze trends and see what they reveal about the state of society. You'll study popular literature and art, social media, pastimes and rituals, and more. You'll see how popular culture intersects the ways we live our everyday lives and how we can harness it for a better future.

Your core classes are hosted by the Department of English. You will study:

  • Literature and film
  • Studies in popular culture

For your electives, you will choose from a wide variety of courses. They come from different departments across CSUN. You can select them based on your personal area of interest, including:

  • Asian American and the media
  • African American music
  • Introduction to folklore
  • History of graphic arts
  • Intercultural communication
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Science fiction
  • The fashion industry


Northridge Review cover art

Get published on campus.

Submit your original work to the Northridge Review, a literary and arts journal curated and produced by CSUN students. Every year, the NR publishes two volumes containing the best in art, poetry, fiction and drama from the CSUN and neighboring community.

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