Community-Engaged Learning

At CSUN, you're not just a member of a college campus. You're part of a global community that starts here in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area.

We take pride in collaborating with our neighbors to create a better community for all. We seek to highlight social justice and encourage our students to be civically engaged. Our students offer services to the public and volunteer in local organizations. Become an active community member and live out the ideals of a true Matador.

Community-based Learning

At CSUN, we believe that learning and doing occur together. That's why we offer community-based learning classes in which you go into class with the mindset of joining our local partners. You'll not only be more connected to the community, but you'll also gain work skills and job opportunities in your chosen field. See where service can take you.

Student Scholar Program

Elevate your leadership skills with the Service Learning Student Scholar Program. As a Student Scholar, you will serve as a student leader of a community based-learning course. You'll work with professors to track students' progress and assist with related tasks. Gain important project coordination skills that will help you with your future career.

CSUN Act Now

People often want to be more civically engaged, but aren’t sure where to start, and while voting in elections is very important, it is just one way to be engaged. CSUN Act Now (CAN) Campus Team is a collaboration of students, faculty, staff and community members working to craft interactive activities, performances, lectures, seminars, and exhibits to help Matadors make informed decisions and participate meaningfully in their communities.

Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

In 2020, the Carnegie Foundation recognized CSUN for its commitment to serving the local community. The Community Engagement Classification highlights our dedication to partnering with our neighbors. Our faculty and students use classroom learning to address real-world problems. We work with local organizations to provide community resources and beautify our streets. We are proud to be an active community member in the San Fernando Valley and beyond.

Innovation & Economic Prosperity University

CSUN has a strong commitment to furthering the economic state of our neighborhood. We foster innovation and entrepreneurship. We train new workers and business leaders. We also support diverse community partners to help them succeed. Because of our impact, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities named CSUN an Innovation and Economic Prosperity University in 2018. From our graduates to our economic initiatives, CSUN's impact on the region is clear. See how you can be a part of making a difference.

Academic Internships

You'll have the opportunity to earn credit while gaining valuable real world work experience. Our academic internships can be paid or unpaid, and many of our students work with local and national nonprofits and community organizations, including AIDS Project Los Angeles, the American Red Cross and the League of Women Voters — just to name a few!

Community-engaged Research

At CSUN, research doesn’t just happen in labs on campus. We’re out in our communities, working together to answer questions, evaluate solutions and improve lives. We partnering with innovative public and private sector organizations— from local nonprofits to NASA! Learn more about community-engaged research at CSUN.


Hailey Haro

With our help in building a stronger brand, the Senior Citizens' Legal Services can continue to make a difference in the community.

Hailey Haro '22, Cinema and Television Arts

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