Writing and Rhetoric


Build your confidence as a writer. Learn the tools and techniques you need to communicate clearly and persuasively. You'll be ready to advance in your future career.

Why Minor in Writing and Rhetoric?

Become a persuasive writer who writes clearly and concisely. You'll learn writing styles and how to write for various audiences. You'll practice writing professional and technical reports. You'll also study how language is used and changes over time.

With this minor, you'll have a competitive edge in your career. Many fields require proficient writers, such as law, engineering, education and business.

Why Study Writing and Rhetoric at CSUN?

Strong English Program

The Department of English is one of the largest departments on campus. You'll work with our passionate and expert faculty in small classroom settings to improve your skills. Through your classes, you'll harness the power of words to persuade others. You'll be confident in your writing style and in using clear, correct English.

Choose Your Courses

While the minor is housed in the Department of English, you'll also benefit from taking classes from experts in other departments. You will take courses that match your area of interest and career plans. For example you can take public speaking, media law and ethics and marketing communications.

Internship Opportunities

Through our internship program, you'll gain professional experience while receiving college credit. Your duties will include technical and professional writing, which you will compile into a portfolio. Previous internship fields include:

  • Publishing
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Grant writing
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Entertainment

What You'll Learn

In the Writing and Rhetoric minor, you will learn how to write clearly and effectively. You will learn how to make persuasive arguments to a diverse audience. You will learn different styles of writing, such as research, reports, digital modes and more. You will be prepared for a career that needs professional or technical writing skills.

In your core courses, you will learn the foundations of effective writing. You can choose between several subjects, such as:

  • Business communication
  • Research writing
  • Language and linguistics
  • Report writing
  • Digital writing
  • Composition
  • Literacy, rhetoric and culture

You will also select elective courses to complete your minor. You can take more core courses, or you can explore courses in different departments. The classes include:

  • Graphic design
  • Chicanas/os of the media
  • Advanced public speaking
  • Legal argumentation
  • Political rhetoric
  • Rhetoric of business
  • Mass communication and popular culture
  • Marketing communications


Northridge Review cover art

Get published on campus.

Submit your original work to the Northridge Review, a literary and arts journal curated and produced by CSUN students. Every year, the NR publishes two volumes containing the best in art, poetry, fiction and drama from the CSUN and neighboring community.

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