Study great written works to find inspiration and empathy. Enhance your major by learning writing and analytical skills.

Why Minor in Literature?

Understand storytelling and complex themes with a minor in literature. You'll read novels, poems and dramas that explore the human condition. You'll develop writing and analytical skills. You'll become a more empathetic thinker by learning from new perspectives. You'll also get to read so many amazing authors and poets. Your skills will complement many careers in business, government and more. And your experiences in the world of books will travel with you for a lifetime.

Why Study Literature at CSUN?

Study Great Works

As a Literature minor, you will be able to study the authors and works that interest you. The Department of English is one of the largest departments on campus, giving you a variety of topics to choose from. From Shakespeare to the Romantic age, from science fiction to graphic novels, you'll take courses that will increase your love of reading.

Passionate Faculty

Work with nationally recognized scholars and writers in small classroom settings. Our faculty have published reviews, essays, poems, short stories and novels. They will help nurture your love of reading and give you insights into works of poetry and literature. Be encouraged and inspired in the Department of English.

Internship Opportunities

Through our internship program, you'll gain professional experience while receiving college credit. This program is open to students of all majors. Your duties will include technical and professional writing, which you will compile into a portfolio. Previous internship fields include:

  • Publishing
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Grant writing
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Entertainment

What You'll Learn

In your Literature minor, you'll take classes that will improve your critical reading and writing skills. You'll study cultural, historical and literary texts. You'll be ready to use your research and analytical skills in your future workplace.

Your required courses will cover:

  • A broad survey of major English writers
  • Literary genres of poetry, prose, fiction and drama

For the rest of your courses, you will be able to explore from our wide range of classes. You can study subjects such as:

  • Literature and film
  • Gay and lesbian writers
  • Children's and adolescent literature
  • Latino/a literature of the Americas
  • Contemporary poetry
  • Drama from Ibsen to the present
  • American literature
  • British literature


Northridge Review cover art

Get published on campus.

Submit your original work to the Northridge Review, a literary and arts journal curated and produced by CSUN students. Every year, the NR publishes two volumes containing the best in art, poetry, fiction and drama from the CSUN and neighboring community.

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