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After You Apply

What to Expect After Applying

We’re excited you've applied to CSUN!

As our admissions team prepares to review your application, here's a look at what to expect between now and when you receive your admissions decision.

  • Admissions applications will be reviewed following the application deadline of the term for which you've applied.
  • Applications will be considered based upon the information shared on your application and the academic qualifications of the applicant pool.
  • If you've applied for the fall semester, you can expect an admissions decision as early as mid-March, available in CSUN Portal.
  • If you've applied for the spring semester, you can expect an admissions decision as early as mid-November, available in CSUN Portal

What to Do After Applying

Authenticate your CSUN Portal account by completing the steps below:

  1. Locate the “Activate CSUN User ID and Password” email you received from the CSUN Office of Admissions after submitting your admission application.
  2. Visit the CSUN reset password page and enter your birthdate and your CSUN user ID, 9-digit student ID number or CSUN email address. Select the Next button.
  3. Once you select Next, an email or text message (your choice) with a temporary password will be sent to you.
  4. Go to the CSUN Portal login page.
  5. On the account authentication screen, enter your CSUN user ID and the temporary password you received by email or text message.
  6. Select Login.

Email is our primary form of communication throughout the admissions process, so it’s important to keep your email address updated and check your email often.

If you forward your CSUN Gmail messages to a separate email:

  • Be sure to add the CSUN sender's email address to your contact list.
  • We recommend setting up automatic forwarding through your CSUN email account, where you’ll have the option to “Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox.” Then, if a forwarded message is lost, you can still read the stored copy in CSUN email.  Visit Gmail Help: Automatically forward mail to another email account.

Need help? Visit CSUN Account Information.

Check Your Status

Review your CSUN Portal "Checklist." You'll be able to see what items CSUN has received and evaluated, as well as steps. It will also describe your application status. For additional help, see My Checklist Guide.

Remember to Follow Up

Here are some tips to keep you on course to meeting admission requirements:

Any courses listed as “in progress” or “planned” on your admissions application must be completed with the minimum required grades for your applicant group (first-time freshman, transfer, graduate, international, etc.). You must also maintain the overall GPA reported on your application.

Return to your student category page to review your requirements.

Log in to the CSUN Portal regularly to check your admission status and review any missing items in My Checklist. Read your CSUN email often for opportunities, guidance, special events and any unfinished business related to your application.

Be sure to mark your calendar for important deadlines for intent to register (if applicable), transcripts, optional test scores and other documents.

If you sent us preliminary transcripts for work-in-progress, follow up by sending your final transcripts as soon as you complete the course work and your grades are posted.

Should your admissions status change to denied due to one of the items mentioned above, your only option would be to go through an appeals process.

We will notify you with an offer of admission in My Checklist, by email and by regular mail. Be sure to update your mailing address and other contact information in the CSUN Portal, using the steps in the Update Personal Information Guide.

Please note: Admission is provisional until all eligibility requirements and deadlines have been met, including those for undergraduate students who are affected by campus impaction and impacted majors.

Send Us Your Transcripts

After you apply for admission, send us official transcripts so that we can determine your admission eligibility. We need:

  • Preliminary transcripts for any course work now in progress.
  • Final transcripts as soon as you have completed in-progress course work and your grades are posted.

You’ll find transcript submission information in your student category page.

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