Juneteenth Day Observance

Graduate Fellowship

The College of Science and Mathematics offers substantial research fellowships for up to four current MS students who show exceptional promise for research excellence.  These are highly competitive and distinguished awards that come with a $5000 research stipend.  The fellowships are for a one-year period, and require a written report mid-year and a research presentation. Current and past winners are listed

Chelsea Brisson - Biology

Sarah Wenner - Biology

Fred Fregoso - Chemistry

Sa La Kim – Biology

Marlyn Widjaja - Chemistry

Erin Jaco - Biology

Thomas Look - Physics and Astronomy

Meaghan Clark – Biology

Melissa Kurman - Biology

Nicholas Bohn - Biology

Alain Stefanoni - Mathematics

Andrea Haberkern – Biology

Zoe Scott – Biology

Loni Hands – Biology

Jake Reschke – Mathematics

Maria Akopyan – Biology

Shannon Bayliss – Biology

Tom Chen – Biology

Erica Holdridge – Biology

Rachel Rhymer – Biology

Amy Briggs – Biology

Austin Nickel – Mathematics

Joshua Sausner – Biology

Camdilla Wirth – Biology

Heather Hillard – Biology

Beth Lenz – Biology

Alissa Luken – Biology

Grant Weiss – Biology

Jesse Tootell – Biology

Christopher Nosala – Biology

Jason Warner – Biology

Gregory Avellis – Biology

Anya Brown, Biology

Beck WehrleBiology

Kevin Scott Martinez RainesPhysics and Astronomy

Denita WeeksBiology

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