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The College aspires to the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, and service to the community. To this end, education is viewed as a fusion of classroom teaching and hands on research that actively engages students.

In congruence with the mission of the College of Science and Mathematics, the Department of Biology teaches students to become more scientifically literate citizens; prepares students to enter graduate programs; generates a pool of local and national scientists capable of assuming leadership roles in industry and education; trains K–12 teachers to become competent educators in the sciences; and produces students for biomedical programs, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and pharmacy.

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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides rigorous undergraduate and master’s-level educational programs that prepare graduates for success in medical, industrial and academic careers. The department offers American Chemical Society (ACS)-certified Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Chemistry.

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Geology is the science of understanding the Earth, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. The Department of Geological Sciences focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Earth science, including the scientific method, the ways in which these Earth systems interact with each other, and how humans are currently affecting these systems. 

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The Department of Mathematics is dedicated to teaching and research. Our mission is to provide an exciting place for our undergraduate and graduate students to learn and do research in mathematical sciences. The department prepares students for a wide range of career paths, ranging from academia, the insurance industry, engineering, climatology, medicine, law and business. Our students are capable of assuming leadership roles in a rapidly evolving, knowledge-based, multicultural society. 

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Quarks, black holes, gravitational waves, nanotechnology and chaotic systems—discoveries like these make front-page news as physicists continue to learn about the universe’s fundamental structure. Studying how matter and energy behave, beginning physics majors and senior physicists alike find challenges and excitement in solving problems and discovering new concepts.

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The Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) and Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) programs are special research training programs funded by the National Institutes of Health.  The MARC/RISE program is administered at California State University Northridge by Dr. Maria Elena Zavala

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The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at California State University, Northridge designs, administers, and supports programs that deliver access and retention services to CSUN students.

EOP provides services to historically low-income, historically educationally disadvantaged, first-generation college students; a population that not only reflects the diversity of CSUN’s feeder communities but also the diversity of the University itself.

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Since 1973, our mission is to enable students to improve their academic performance through a variety of learning programs including workshops, one on one and group tutoring, and supplemental instruction classes.

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