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Gerontology Minor 

A minor in gerontology complements a wide variety of majors and can help you launch your career. Gerontology is the interdisciplinary study of the aging process and the needs of older adults. It includes the study of the physical, mental and social changes that take place as well as the impact of aging upon policy and society. Students who graduate with a minor in gerontology are in demand for jobs in social services, allied healthcare, case management, recreation and tourism management, administration and direct services in a variety of settings


Human Lactation Minor

CSUN’s Minor in Human Lactation prepares students for careers as lactation educators and enables them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to educate and support breastfeeding families from the time the woman is pregnant to beyond the infant’s first year of life.

Gerontology Minor Stock

Human Sexuality Minor

The Human Sexuality minor at CSUN is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a comprehensive approach to understanding human sexuality.

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