Student Affairs Computer Refresh Policy

This policy applies to all purchasers of computer technology in the division of Student Affairs. It does not include every detail associated with the purchase of technology (e.g. campus recommended computer configurations change frequently, and technology vendors may change over time). If you have any questions, please contact SAIT for guidance.

Computer Purchasing Policy

  • All new Student Affairs computer purchases will meet campus recommended configurations*, exceeding the base recommendation with the addition of a solid-state drive, and in the case of desktop computers, a webcam.**
  • All computers (including mobile devices like laptops, iPads, Surface) need to be enrolled in the STOP program.

Replacement Guidelines

  • Desktop computers should be replaced every 5 years.
  • Laptop computers should be replaced every 4 years.

Computers over five years old are out of warranty, but may continue in service up to seven years, provided they function at a level acceptable to department operational needs. Computers between five and seven years of age should be assessed annually by department staff. Computers older than seven years of age should be surveyed out.

Computer Set Up

State supported departments will coordinate computer set up with Central IT's desktop support team.

  • All computers need to be on Active Directory.
  • All computers need to follow a standard naming convention.
  • All computers should meet the current campus Operating System standard.***

* Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis where operational needs support them. Any questions, contact SAIT.
** Webcam purchases for desktop computers approved by purchasing department's director
*** Some limited exceptions apply. Any questions, contact SAIT

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