What to Expect

All ceremonies are expected to reach maximum guest capacity. The saving of seats is strictly prohibited as seating is first come first served.

We highly encourage guests to arrive with all their party members at least 90 minutes before the ceremony starts time.
Seating charts will be available for guests at the information tents. Similarly, commencement programs will be available at the same location but are limited to one per group. Please be aware that your graduate will be provided with their program as well.

Those graduates who do not attend Commencement may visit the Office of Student Development & Transitional Programs after the ceremonies have concluded to receive a printed program. Baccalaureate, Master's, and Doctorate candidate names are listed by College or by Special/Multi-Major sections, and Honors candidates will also be listed in a special section of the program.

Note: Due to press deadlines, the printed program is not a definitive list of all graduates. Further, some students have requested that their names not be published and, therefore, will not appear in the Commencement printed program.

8 am & 6 pm Ceremonies 

  • Gates open 
  • Processional 
  • Opening of Ceremony & National Anthem 
  • President's Welcome, Greeting & Remarks 
  • Recognition of Honored Students 
  • Conferral of Degrees
  • Handshakes/Photos 
  • Alumni Association Greetings
  • Tassel Change 
  • Concluding Remarks 
  • Alma Mater
  • Recessional 
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