Ticket Information

  • An email will be sent to all eligible graduates' CSUN email with specific instructions on how to access their ticket account (Marching Order) and print their guest tickets. 
  • Graduates will have the opportunity to print or email their tickets to their guests before the start of the ceremony. 
  • All guests will require a printed or electronic ticket. 
    • NOTE: Electronic tickets are generated with a unique barcode that is traceable back to the student who requested them, Due to this security feature your tickets may be reprinted, however, reprinting tickets invalidates any previously printed tickets. Duplicate tickets with the same bar code will be denied at the entrance of the venue. Any attempt to sell or make multiple copies of electronic tickets would be considered a misuse of CSUN property. This may result in the violation being reported to the Dean of Students, which may include disciplinary action. 

For any guest without a guest ticket or with those who would like to get out of the outside weather conditions, there will be a live telecast room with live captioning at the Bianchi Planetarium (Citrus Hall), Nobbs Auditorium (Sequoia Hall), Johnson Auditorium (Jacaranda Hall) and Noski Auditorium (Bookstein Hall). 


These live broadcasting rooms will be non-ticketed and on a first-come first serve basis. Please connect with a member of our team on-site to be escorted to one of the rooms listed above. 

  • All guests will be required to possess a printed ticket to gain admittance into the University Library lawn venue.
  • Children must have a ticket unless seated in an adult's lap throughout the ceremony.
  • Tickets will be free of charge and will be scanned at entry to the commencement ceremony site.
  • Students are responsible for printing* and distributing tickets to their guests before the commencement ceremony.
  • All guest seating is General Admission and on a first come, first serve basis. We would encourage your guests to arrive one hour and thirty minutes prior to the ceremony.

*The deadline for Graduates to claim and print tickets will be April 15th, 2024

Once Tickets have been claimed, they will remain in the graduate's account until the day of their ceremony. 

Graduates can email/print these tickets for guests. 

Graduates may visit any of the printing locations on campus to print their tickets. 



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