Karshmer Award

The Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research 

The Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research is awarded annually to the author(s) of the best submission to the Science/Research Journal Track of the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. Award winners are recognized for their exemplary submission and excellence in research and the advancement of assistive technology. It is with this award we honor Dr. Karshmer’s extensive experience, commitment and passion in the field of disabilities and assistive technology, and continue his legacy of innovative research in the field of assistive technology. 

Recipients of the Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research receive complimentary travel, hotel and conference registration for the contact author/speaker, while remaining authors/speakers will receive complimentary conference registration, and will be acknowledged at the Keynote Address.

Dr. Arthur Karshmer

Dr. Arthur Karshmer received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. At the time of his retirement, Dr. Karshmer was the Chair of the Department of Analytics and Technology at the University of San Francisco. He spent his career researching assistive technologies for senior citizens and individuals with special needs. Professor Karshmer’s research interest were in the fields of the operating system-architecture interface, metropolitan area networking and computer interfaces for the handicapped. He has published numerous papers in these domains. 


“SETT Framework, MODELER, and PODD AAC Intervention in Elementary Grades” by Samuel Sennott, Alisha Chavez, Hannah Goldberg, Jess Theobald.
"Use of mHealth Technologies by People with Vision Impairment” by Nicole Thompson, John Morris, Mike Jones, and Frank DeRuyter.
"Towards Accessible Audio Labeling of 3D Objects" by James Coughlan, Huiying Shen, and Brandon Biggs.
Not Awarded
"A Tangible Manipulative for Inclusive Quadrilateral Learning" by Scott Lambert, Brett Fiedler, Chloe Hershenow, Dor Abrahamson, and Jenna Gorlewicz.
"ASL Consent in the Digital Informed Consent Process" by Ben Kosa, Ai Minakawa, Patrick Boudreau, Raja Kushalnagar, and Poorna Kushalnagar.
"Predictors of Postsecondary Web Accessibility, 2012 to 2022" by Terrill Thompson, Scott Ferguson, Dustine Bowker, Jared Smith, and Elizabeth Moore.
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