Juneteenth Day Observance

Script Library

Manzanita 190
(818) 677-4251



The Script Library, in the internship office, is a resource center containing nearly 2,000 movie and television scripts. The script library is constantly expanding its collection and has a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, horror, and action. Scripts can be checked out by CTVA majors on a weekly basis with a student ID and renewed for an additional week.



The Script Library is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM during the Spring and Fall semesters (from mid-August to mid-May). 

If you are returning a script and no one is available, then please take the script to MZ 195, the CTVA department office, and leave the script with one of the department secretaries. 


Script Tutoring

CTVA majors can bring in personal scripts, homework assignments, unfinished concepts, and any other type of screenwriting work to have peer-reviewed by our student ambassadors. 

Tutoring appointments last 30–60 minutes. Please email csunscriptlibrary@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.


CTVA Department Tours

Prospective students are welcome to explore the facilities of the CTVA Department and learn about the school's programs under the guidance of a tour guide. 

Tours last 15–30 minutes. Please email csunscriptlibrary@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.


Digital Script Libraries

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