Community Advisory Board

The Public Health program benefits from the ongoing guidance and support of a distinguished group of Public Health professionals. Members of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) work in a variety of areas in the public health industry and their professional expertise enhances the curriculum.

Member Degree & Organizations

Byanka Melgar

 MPH- Lactation Consultant, NEVHC WIC 

Shieva Davarian

 LA County DPH

Julie Friedman

 MPH- Iris Cantor, UCLA Women's Health Education & Research

Jessica Galura 

 Tarzana Treatment Programs

Steve Vetrone

 MPH- Director of Scientific-Technical Services, LAC Vector Control District 

Houry Tanashian

 Director of Pierce College Health Center

Rubie Martinez

 MPH- Child Care Resource Center*

Christine Erinakis


Seira Kurian

 MD- Regional Health Officer SPA 2 and UCLA Olive View Medical Center

Steven Loy

 PhD- CSUN Kinesiology, 3 WINS Fitness

Cathy Rusch

 MSHA- BSPH & BSHA Internship Coordinator*

Carla Valdez

 EdD, MPH- Alumni Chapter*

Tanya Wicks

 Lecturer in the Public Health Program

Susan Cohen

 MPH- MPH Internship Coordinator & UCLA*

Emma Armstrong

MPHSA President

Madaly Recinos

HESO President

Agreed to serve*

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