The Theatre Honors Program is a special curricular enhancement for outstanding students in the Theatre major. Students become eligible to participate in the Theatre Honors Program at the beginning of their Junior year and will normally complete the program requirements during the ensuing four semesters. The program consists of two major components:

(1) Honors Seminars

(2) an Honors Project or Thesis.


Admission to the Theatre Honors Program

Students may apply for admission to the Theatre Honors Program upon completion of the following:

  1. All 100 and 200-level Core Requirements in Theatre.
  2. A minimum of nine units of Theatre courses taken at CSUN.
  3. Attainment of a minimum 3.25 GPA in all Theatre courses taken at CSUN or transferred for credit towards the degree.
  4. Attainment of a minimum 3.00 GPA in all undergraduate work.

Student applications for admissions to the Theatre Honors Program will normally be submitted near the end of the Sophomore year. In every case applications will require the support of a CSUN Theatre Department faculty member. Applications to the Theatre Honors Program will be reviewed by the Honors Committee, which normally consists of the Honors Advisor and the Coordinators of the several curricular areas of the Theatre Department.


Graduation Requirements in the Theatre Honors Program

In order to graduate with Honors in Theatre students must have completed the following:

  1. TH 397 - Honors Tutorial (1-1-1)
    Students will enroll in this seminar over a three semester period, earning one unit of credit for each semester they are enrolled. No more than one unit of credit can be earned in any given semester.
  2. TH 498F - Theatre Honors Project or Thesis (3)
    Students will normally complete this requirement during their last semester of enrollment. During the preceding semester the student will prepare, in consultation with a faculty mentor, a project/thesis proposal outlining the proposed investigation and the artistic project or written research thesis anticipated to result from this investigation.
  3. Attained a 3.5 GPA in all upper division (300/400 level) Theatre courses taken at CSUN.

(The six units of Theatre Honors courses required for this program will be substituted for the six upper division required units in the major in consultation with the student's advisor)

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