Laurien Allmon

Scene Shop Lead Technician

Phone: 818/677-4807
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Office: TH-166

Amanda Cleveland

Costume Shop Supervisor

Phone: 818/677-3083
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Office: NH-102

Nicole Hovland

Theatre/Music Undergraduate Advisor

Phone: 818/677-3180
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Office: CY-116C

Alicia Lawrence

Financial Analyst 

Phone: 818/677-3088
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Office: NH-110B

Estefania Rodriguez

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 818/677-3086
Office: NH-110

Michael Roman

Department Technical Director

Phone: 818/677-3071
Office: NH-104A

Sam Sintef

Theatre Production Lead Coordinator

Phone: 818/677-2785
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Office: NH-104B

Eric White

Theatre Marketing & PR Associate

Phone: 818/677-3091
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Office: NH-110A

Michael Zeigler

Lighting/Sound Shop Supervisor

Phone: 818/677-3095
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Office: NH-219

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