Check In Here!

Skip the Line and Choose Where You’ll Wait!

You don’t have to wait in line! Wherever you are, check in using your mobile device. You’ll get one text with your estimated wait time and another one when it’s your turn. Find a seat and relax, grab a coffee (if there’s time!) or return another day.


Smiling student looking at a document.
  • Ask application/admission questions
  • Submit transcripts
  • Resolve residency issues and visa questions
  • Check appeal status
  • Get preadmission advising

Cash Services

Students waiting in line at a Cash Services window.
  • Drop off deposit transmittal forms
  • Make in-person payments
  • Pick up paychecks
  • Ask student account questions

Financial Aid

Calculator displaying Financial Aid
  • Ask general financial aid questions
  • Get information on outstanding
    financial aid documents
  • Check the status of processing

Records and Registration

Student completing a form.
  • Resolve registration issues
  • Request transcripts
  • Update personal information
  • Get your MataCard (CSUN ID)
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